Healthy Daily Routine with Ayurveda

Healthy Daily Routine with Ayurveda

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Following a wellness plan or a daily routine that will benefit you in your overall development along with spiritual advancement, is solely a great benefit that you can aspire to achieve. Looking at the bigger picture, you need to allow yourself space and good habits that will gradually inculcate within you a healthy daily routine in the longer run.

Healthy Daily Routine OR Dincharya

The word Dincharya relates to – Din meaning day and acharya meaning activity. It refers to practicing a lifestyle that brings about great balance between mind, body, and soul. According to Ayurveda, it also means a daily routine that initiates and supervises various activities that promote self- care.  It also brings you closer to nature by regularizing your body clock making you self -aware. By following a daily healthy routine with dedication and intense care, your health will improve for the better leading to several health benefits.

Follow a Healthy Rhythm- With your Daily Routine

Most Wellness Retreats point out the most important and relevant goal of Ayurveda which is to bring about essential changes in your dietary intake and routine that promotes and maintains good health. Extensive management of this goal is primarily essential to each one of us if we look into the depth. Based on Ayurvedic knowledge, the fact remains that we can achieve this goal by regulating our daily lives with a healthy living standard and consistent knowledge to bring about time management to fulfill and embrace our daily activities to the fullest.

The importance of our overall development and well- being is largely determined by an organized and well -planned dincharya or a healthy daily routine. Hoping to give you deep insights and information based on a well- researched write- up like this one. We support your idea of living a life that is free from stress and is appropriately managed with a healthy daily routine that also addresses the issue of time management and brings about peace and happiness and directs you to a more meaningful purpose in your life.

Take one small step at a time to avoid any disruptions or confusion. Start with simple tips to implement suggestive measures and slowly you can add more to your cart of daily routine.

Morning Time-

  1. Waking up-

It is highly recommended to wake up before sunrise. The ideal time to wake up is between 4 am to 6 am. The Vata phase is dominant at this point in time. It is the most favorable time to wake up and especially when you wake up without using an alarm clock. This is however achievable when you sleep before 10 pm on the night basis of  the Ayurvedic daily routine along with other recommendations of the evening phase. Bringing about this little change in your habits you will be astonished that you start feeling super fresh, creative, and light. You can make use of the Vata momentum during the morning time and get the maximum benefit from it. However, if you keep sleeping and wake up during the Kapha phase, you are more likely to develop qualities of this Kapha phase that will instill in you a lot of sluggishness and tiredness that you will experience throughout the day.

  1. Inner & Outer- Cleansing

Enjoy your morning time in a consciously peaceful manner by spending some good time with yourself. Also, during this time you must follow the cleansing of your inner and outer self.  Let’s have an insight into how the Ayurvedic schedule helps you in achieving this-:

  1. Wash your face thoroughly.
  2. Mouth Hygiene-

Brush your teeth and clean your tongue properly. Cleaning your mouth is extremely important. A number of waste products accumulate on your tongue during the night. Scrape your tongue with a tongue cleaner and free your body from all the dirt.

  1. Gandusha or Oil Pulling-

This is one of the very ancient traditions according to Ayurveda. You scrap out all the waste material by doing so.  Here you can use 1-2 tablespoons (ripened) organic seasam oil. Put it in your mouth, gargle and switch it around your mouth for at least 4-5 minutes and then dispose it off in your household waste rather than disposing it off into your toilet or sink where it might get clogged in the drain in the long run.

  1. Drink water-

You must drink at least 200 ml of warm water right after that. If you wish you can also add some honey or lemon juice to it.

  1. Empty your Bowel and Bladder-

This is extremely important as it brings about inner cleansing especially after you drink water.

  1. Light Physical Movement

A short brisk walk in the morning can brighten up your day. It also helps in the stimulation of your metabolism and circulation.

  1. Oil Massage-


Effective Oil Massage

Massage your body with Ayurvedic massage oil (also known as Abhyanga). Pamper yourself with self- massage that will strengthen your body tissues, bones, and muscles. It will also help you in calming your nervous system and improve your skin quality to a great extent.  People suffering from insomnia can benefit from the profound effects of self- massage. Gently massage your body, head, and soles of your feet for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Make use of really good quality ayurvedic oils or essential oils that will have an everlasting effect. Chose oils that correspond to your dosha type. Warming the oils before using them on your body is highly recommended.

  1. Bathe-

Once you have massaged your body with essential oils and your body has absorbed the maximum of it.  It’s now time to take a bath or a warm shower. Note here that you need to take out any excess oil on your body with the help of a paper towel before taking a shower and always remember to pour some cleansing product into your drain system to prevent any clogging that might take place in the long run.

  1. Practice Pranayam/Yoga/Breathing Exercises-

Right after taking a shower or when you are done with your morning hygiene, it’s time to do some exercises/ Yoga. Practicing this with a lot of alertness and awareness will bring about a noticeable increase in your overall well- being and physical movements.

  1. Transcendental Meditaion-

This is an extremely imperative part of your morning routine. Just as your physical cleaning is a must, similarly this activity brings about inner cleansing. It is the most natural, easy practice that can be observed and provides clarity and inner peace of mind. It helps you to concentrate on your goals. It balances your body, mind, and soul and calms your nervous system. It will help you feel relaxed and steady to a great extent and will help you cope with the ever- demanding challenges of daily life in a much easy and calmer manner.

  1. Breakfast-

The most ideal time to have your breakfast is between 8 am to 9 am. You can consume some seasonal fruits of a light Porridge (with grains). This is normally the Kapha phase, Agni, or the digestive fire where you are recommended to have a light breakfast. Always remember to eat slowly. Do not eat while standing or walking. Take your time to finish your breakfast and you should never eat in a hurry. This will help you feel fit, well, and full.

Afternoon Time-

  1. Lunch-

The best time to have your lunch is between 12 pm to 1 pm. This is the time when your digestive fire is strong and ready for the main meal of the day. Also at this time of the day, the sun is at its peak.  You can match foods and drinks according to the current season and dosha. You can take a break from your work right after having your lunch. You can rest for a while if you wish. However, taking a nap in the afternoon after lunch is not very advisable according to Ayurveda. You can continue with your activities. At this point in time, i.e. at the end of the second phase, you can do little yoga, meditation, and pranayam to steer yourself toward a pleasant and relaxed evening.

Evening Time-

  1. Dinner Time-

According to Ayurveda, the best time to have your dinner is between 6 pm to 7 pm. The more you delay the more difficult to digest your food. This is the Kapha time when the digestive fire is weak. You should avoid any strain on your digestive system.  Some of the best things to consume in your dinner are a Khichadi and Soup. You should keep it as simple and light as you can.  Avoid eating a lot of food at dinner time. Eat less, eat slowly, and never eat while standing or walking. Chew your food well so that it can easily be digested. You should also learn to consume those foods and drinks that match up to your Dosha type (or are suitable to your Dosha type).

  1. Evening Walk and Rest-

You should always walk for at least 10-15 minutes right after your dinner. After which you can turn to activities that are pleasant and relaxing for your mind and body.

  1. Unwind-

At the end of the day, you should unwind from the day’s work. Simply relax and shut your eyes, listen to some light music, light some scented candles around, and experience peace, that will release all the tension and stress from your body and mind, that you may be experiencing. One of the best ways of relaxing and having a good time is to spend quality time with your loved ones.

  1. Sleep Time-

Try to sleep at night not later than 10 pm. If you sleep later than 10 pm your body will get active again and you will face trouble falling asleep.

Principles of Ayurveda-

A strong belief in Ayurveda is that the entire universe is created with the help of these 5 principles, such as Vayu(air), Akash(space),  Jal(water), Teja(fire), and Prithvi(earth). With the help of these 5 principles human body is created and the body works according to these principles.

Healthy Daily Routine OR Dincharya- Benefits



  1. Connect with Nature-

You become conscious of your natural surroundings by practicing this type of Dincharya that ensures harmony in your day- to- day lifestyle and every work or activity that you chose to pick up. You come closer to nature by absorbing natural food items and connecting with your inner self.

  1. Releases Stress-

Involving yourself with activities such as meditation and massaging your body with Ayurvedic oils or essential oils activates the cells in your body helps in reducing stress and you can live a stress- free life. It helps you get calm and motivates you towards your work in a more comfortable manner.

  1. Prevents all kinds of Diseases

When you get involved in nature and eat the right kinds of foods that lead to a healthy lifestyle and strengthens your immune system largely and protects you from all kinds of diseases.

  1. Peace-

Meditation and absorption of all the positive vibrations and getting closer to nature in itself is a great thing that helps you build up a calm behavior and brings about peace of mind, body, and soul. You become peaceful and your ability to complete your daily work increases.

  1. Digestion and Absorption-

When you start following a pattern of your daily food intake and regulating the amount of food that you tend to intake, magically improves your digestion pattern and greatly helps in absorbing the nutrients from the food you consume.

  1. Happiness-

When you start following a healthy daily routine,  it enhances your work- life balance and improves your mood, making you feel happier and confident.

  1. Longevity-

It helps you become more alert and attentive toward your goals in life. You start inculcating habits that lead to a better and more productive environment around you that simply promotes longevity and enhances your growth.


Thus, a healthy daily routine or a perfect Dincharya helps to remove all physical and mental imbalances from your body. It helps you take better decisions and improves your willpower. It improvises your overall development and growth, whether mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual. You get closer to nature and start eating the right amount of food at the right time. You start believing in yourself and start making the right decisions in your life. You become more capable and start performing well as compared to a life that you were leading earlier. Therefore, we now know that following a daily routine that is simply perfect makes you reach your goals and makes your life complacent in every aspect that will brighten up your future and give you more and more positivity to heal yourself and others in the long run.




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