Top Spa Resorts in Bangalore

As the story goes, it seems like our ancestors in ancient India were no different from us in their need for a break from the daily grind. Although, they did not have spas like the top spa resorts in Bangalore like we so, but back in the day, they also didn’t have fancy vacation packages or Instagram-worthy destinations to choose […]

Ayurveda-celebrate a wellness-filled life

Tattvam In The Hills- Tattvam is an Ayurvedic and Wellness resort and also a great place to experience some wondrous memories and rejuvenate yourself by involving with natural and wellness-related treatments and practices.  If you are somewhere around or in Bangalore city then you must try to reach out to this place if you are seriously looking for self-stimulation of […]

Abhyanga – an effective therapy to rejuvenate your mind and body

Overview- There is no other and better option for the act of self-love than anointing yourself from head to toe with warm herbal oils- this practice is known as Abhyanga.  The daily practice of Abhyanga restores mental health along with well-being, enhances longevity, and balances the doshas in the body. In Sanskrit, it is also known as “Sneha” which can […]

Charaka Samhita

Essential information about Charaka Samhita- Charaka Samhita is one of the most authoritative, and oldest, yet very comprehensive works written in Ayurveda. It is believed to be an original book of reference for holistic Ayurvedic medicine. Charaka is a Sanskrit word, which means a wandering religious student, scholar, or ascetic. Charaka Samhita, as well as Sushruta Samhita are believed to […]

Shirodhara – an Ayurvedic therapy to reduce stress

About Shirodhara- Shirodhara is a classic and a well-renowned therapy based in Ayurveda. It is a practice of slowly and steadily dripping medicated oil or medicated decoctions on the center of the forehead. This therapy activates a very relaxed state of awareness that also leads to psychosomatic balance. Shirodhara treatment induces mental lucidity, intense feelings of well-being, and comprehension. You […]


Tattvam In the Hills is an amazing Wellness Retreat & Spa based out of Bangalore. It is a one-stop place that offers many Ayurvedic Treatments including Panchakarma. Today we will be talking about Panchakarma with its purest and most fascinating benefits and the wondrous effects that it offers. Introduction- Talking about medical science – Ayurveda is one such medical science […]