Reasons to Meditate in 2023

Reasons to Meditate in 2023


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The new year is just around the corner (and so is your reason to meditate in 2023). And just like the last year and the year before, it is time to take a look at the year that we are going to say goodbye to. As we reflect on the previous year and wonder where we fit in the grand scheme of things, we are reminded that there are still some things you did not begin. It could be hitting the gym, saving more, starting a side hustle, starting a weight loss regime, getting more reading done, or simply a reason to meditate.

Wow, we are off to a good start! 🙂

We aren’t trying to score you out of 100 here. This is not even one of those blogs that will tell you what you missed by not doing meditation, exercising, or being active. The year has gone by, and there is nothing you can do about it. As far as scores go, you get a 100 because even when you didn’t do what you promised at the end of December last year, you made it to another December. Like last year, you still have another year to rectify and be the person you want to see in the mirror and be more proud of.

These are the things that you noticed doing or not doing. These are things that you visibly saw or observed within you, that you needed to change or amend. But what about the stuff you’ve been ignoring? Like fidgeting with your leg while sitting? or thinking about a pleasant memory whenever a boring discussion subject drags on for more than 20 seconds? or raise your voice without realising, to put your points across when someone starts talking?

You must have noticed this year that you voluntarily take out your phone and start scrolling (mostly aimlessly). Making coffee for the fourth time within five hours? Or being glued to your phone while conversing with someone? (last one) or using colourful language for others while driving? These are some habits we don’t realise we had. Maybe because we lost empathy for ourselves and for others in the process of getting too comfortable being an extension of the electronic devices we are surrounded by, instead of humans.

It has become such a part of your muscle memory that you don’t have to make a conscious effort to pull out the phone from your pocket and tap on the app. But, that does not matter now. The muscle memory won’t last for a long time. You’ll be getting used to the new normal when the clock strikes midnight on December 31. Even if you try to resist it, you will feel more hopeful. You will make some more progress toward your objective. All you need to do is start with one on the first day of January and then take it one day at a time.

For example, start with one page on January 1. Then, read 2 pages on January 2, then the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and so on. How many pages will you have on January 31st? You are correct, 31 pages. Now let’s talk math here. If you read 32 pages on February 1st, how many pages will you have read on December 31st? Incomprehensible, almost! I wouldn’t get it right even if I tried. I will leave it to you.

Moving on, what do you think will help you achieve this kind of discipline? Strong will? Great motivators? Enthusiasm? No! What you will need is discipline. Having said that, even discipline needs some degree of discipline. That is, if you want to get up at 6:00 a.m., you must sleep enough hours. Sleeping at 2:00 and starting your day at 6:00 a.m. will do the same, if not more harm, to your well-being.

So how do you hit the bed and fall asleep in 2023?

The “how” becomes your reason to meditate in 2023!

Don’t get bothered

It’s easy to lose your cool when even little details aren’t handled to your satisfaction. Someone neglected to put something where it should be, or they misplaced something.

But the time spent fretting about little matters takes away from the time that might have been spent living stress-free.

Just as you feel the anger rising, the thought that something doesn’t have to upset you so much, particularly given your luck not to have issues that might be a whole lot more troublesome, interrupts the process. Relax; you won’t lose your cool.

Small inconveniences, like dropping food or a drink, may be ignored after a while. No use crying over lost milk, as the saying goes.

It’s almost silly to get worked up about little things. Perhaps it’s best to save our wrath for when it’s really warranted, such as when someone has done us harm or has been rude.

Don’t ignore the negative energy

Negative vibes might be all around us. The news we’re exposed to. The cruel language some people choose to use, and the overall pessimism with which certain people approach life.

Keeping your peace and harmony in spite of the negativity around you is doable. There is no denying. But, it will need some effort on occasion.

Considering how a political party that isn’t even in power is wrecking the nation or a tyrant who has more than 13 partners, it’s not a good idea to spend too much time watching the news.

Instead, try to find out why is wellness important

It’s strange how, after you cut down on TV, the world doesn’t appear as as wild as it does on it.

You can tell yourself, “I don’t have to linger on any terrible events and experiences. I can focus on preserving calm and satisfaction,” if you tell yourself, “I can disregard the negative energy.”

Make meditating in 2023 your ultimate goal

If there is one reason to meditate in 2023, it is this: you matter and you care about yourself enough to call your body a haven where you will reside for the longest time.

Meditation is a mind-body activity that promotes mindfulness, wellness, and reduces stress and anxiety. It may be done anyplace you’re conscious of your body and surroundings.

Breathing-based meditation, mindfulness techniques, nature-based imagery, mantra, and spiritual meditation are some types. Meditation may be done alone or with a coach or therapist.

Why is Meditating Important in 2023?

It’s widespread but not widely practised

Meditation has been a practice that has been around for centuries, with many different cultures and religions incorporating it into their daily lives. In a city like Bangalore, where life can be fast-paced and hectic, meditation can provide a sense of calm and clarity in the midst of the chaos.

Helps reduce stress

We’ve been living in a constant state of stress and alert after the influx of social media and penetration of internet. Therefore, reducing stress and anxiety will be a major trend in 2023, which is why meditation is so crucial. It’s easy to feel overburdened and pressured in Bangalore, a city where residents are always on the go between job, school, and home commitments. With the help of meditation, one may take a mental health vacation from the daily grind and focus on one’s own well-being.

Cures Ailments

Meditating has more advantages than merely calming the mind. Research has linked regular meditation to several health advantages, including reduced stress, anxiety, and depression, and enhanced well-being. You know you unknowingly fidget your feet while sitting, that will no longer happen. It will more or less reduce with meditating regularly because you will be more aware of how your body is moving. What your mind is commanding.

Focus on what matters

One of the main reasons meditating is important in 2023. You’ll be able to understand what the other person is saying and answer appropriately without having to shout or wait for your time to speak. Living in a place as busy as Bangalore, it’s simple to become distracted and forget what matters most. If you’re having trouble focusing on your work, you may find that meditation helps.

Overall, the importance of meditation in 2023 in a busy city like Bangalore cannot be overstated. Anyone wishing to flourish in the middle of city life would do well to give meditation a try. It has been shown to have positive effects on health and well-being, as well as on attention and productivity. So, it is important to make meditation a regular part of daily life in order to live a more balanced and fulfilling life in 2023 and beyond.

Where to find such places?

It is indeed difficult to narrow down your search for a wellness retreat in Bangalore that provides the desired level of calm and relaxation you need due to the sheer variety of possibilities.

The most effective strategy for overcoming these obstacles is to plan ahead and research available wellness retreats in Bangalore thoroughly before making a reservation. Try to choose the spa resorts in Bangalore that are situated in quiet, relaxing areas, and read reviews written by former visitors to get a feel for the retreat’s vibe.

How can Tattvam Help?

Tattvam is definitely a wellness resort in Bangalore, a perfect place where you should find a reason to meditate in 2023. It is located in Doddballapura, Bangalore.

Located outside of Bangalore’s hectic pace, Tattvam wellness resort is a haven where many visitors unwind and revitalise. Tattvam provides a variety of activities and events in a tranquil environment to assist participants refocus, and feel at peace.

Tattvam Ayurvedic Resort is known for its emphasis on meditation and mindfulness. You can learn to meditate and find inner peace by taking part in the resort’s regular meditation classes and other activities.

Visit the website and explore the different options that are available. You can choose from a range of packages that are tailored to meet different needs and preferences


To sum up, the Tattvam wellness retreat is a great location for individuals to relax and rediscover their true selves. Unwind, reenergize, and clear your mind via a variety of activities designed to promote your overall well-being.

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