Top Spa Resorts in Bangalore

As the story goes, it seems like our ancestors in ancient India were no different from us in their need for a break from the daily grind. Although, they did not have spas like the top spa resorts in Bangalore like we so, but back in the day, they also didn’t have fancy vacation packages or Instagram-worthy destinations to choose […]

5 Must Visit Ayurvedic & Spa Resorts in India

Debility or exhaustion is a well-known reality that plagues many people in various professions. It’s like trying to climb a steep mountain with a heavy backpack on your shoulders. The constant stress, pressure, and lack of sleep can leave you feeling exhausted and drained, like you’ve been carrying a heavy load all day. A trip to a spa resort in […]

Ayurvedic therapies For Slowing Down Aging

Once upon a time, there lived a wise old man in a small village in India. He was known for his wisdom and his longevity (read ayurvedic therapies for slowing down aging). People from all over the village would come to him, startled and surprised, for advice and to know the secrets of his philosophy, and they were always amazed […]

Ayurvedic Detox to Cleanse Your Body

What is Detoxification? For the uninitiated.. Ayurvedic Detox: Imagine your body as a fancy hotel. Each day, different guests check in – some are friendly and beneficial (like vitamins and minerals), while others are not-so-welcome guests (like toxins and impurities). Now, just like any good hotel manager, you want to keep your guests happy and your hotel running smoothly. But […]

Natural Remedies for Common Health Issues

As he strolled through Bangalore’s hectic streets, the incessant din of traffic and people started to wear on Ashok’s nerves and muscles. He┬áhad the typical stress-related health concerns including headaches, sleeplessness, and gastrointestinal disorders. Let’s be honest: when confronted with yet another traffic congestion, who among us hasn’t felt like screaming at the top of their lungs? or just wonder […]

Why You Should Start Eating Organic Food?

Introduction The time has finally come! The whole gang! Trying to get out of the quagmire we’ve dug for ourselves. The bottomless pit we’ve fallen into because of our inability to change our diets. The occupations we have are certainly not conducive to eating well or eating on time, let alone eating organic food. That’s because a part of maintaining […]