Wellness Retreat

Wellness Retreat

What is a Wellness Retreat?

A Wellness Retreat is a great way to push yourself away from the daily hustle-bustle of your life and a considerable way to take a break from your daily responsibilities and stress. It increases your productivity which leads to increased efficiency.  You get back to your daily routine after a much-awaited wellness vacation. It is the travel to promote health and well-being through spiritual, physical, and psychological activities. It also means a step back from your chaotic routine, to slow down, relax and unwind in solitude.

Wellness Retreat in India-

Your journey to a Wellness Retreat in India includes visiting a location to take the greatest advantage of a well-being regime or a dedicated fitness program may be a Yoga Retreat near you or a Spa Treatment.  Many tourists also visit India to take part in a preplanned or fairly strict regime involving an exercise program and a specialized diet.

India is a very large market for Wellness Retreats all across. This is because of the century’s old proven therapeutic therapies like Naturopathy, Meditation, and Ayurveda, which makes it a world-class top-rated global destination for health and medical tourists searching for a holistic break at an exclusive and affordable price.

Growing Wellness Business in the Indian Market-

With a total $5 trillion wellness market that is spread across the world, India alone will constitute a total of 3-4% by end of 2025. This represents a huge jump from a total contribution of less than 0.25% of the total global market. An average Indian millennial now spends approximately Rs 4000 on wellness and fitness in a single month.

The wellness market in India has shown a steady rise over the past few years. According to FICCI’s latest reports, the industry is valued at a whopping Rs 490 billion. This is due to various factors such as driving growth in the wellness sector in India. The rise of disposable income and the inclusion of private-sector investors in the wellness market led to this meteoric rise. The reason is a paradigm shift in people’s attitude towards fitness and health.

Growth Rate of India’s Wellness Tourism Market-

The India Wellness Tourism Market is growing at a CAGR of 8% over the next 5 years.

Wellness Resorts in Bangalore-

There is a constant need for growing Wellness Resorts in and around Bangalore city. Wholesome packages are made available from one resort to another.  You will get to experience numerous activities once you book your stay at a wellness resort here. Activities like traditional yoga, chanting sessions, meditation, organic meals, rejuvenating body massages and facials, Doctor consultation in Ayurveda, rose water baths, nature walks, detoxification programs, and community exercises, are some of the common offerings to the guests here. So if you are someone who wishes to pamper yourself and your loved ones, you can book your spot at the earliest with the top wellness retreats here in Bangalore city. Many resorts also offer an online booking for a free consultation with Ayurveda doctors where you can set out your queries relevant to fitness, health, and diet.

Tattvam In The Hills- A distinguished Wellness Retreat in Bangalore-

Just about 40 minutes drive from the Bangalore International Airport, you can discover a beautiful and very well- renowned Wellness Retreat exclusively built for its guests to discover an outstanding experience that will be everlasting. This is a lush green property spread across 4.5 acres of land, consisting of 20 Guest Rooms, a Swimming Pool, and an Ayurvedic Centre offering many outdoor and indoor activities to its guests.

It offers –

  • Day Out Packages
  • Stay Packages
  • Ayurveda Packages

You can self- discover on the path of healing with Tattvam In The Hills which also offers many activities that would nurture the soul that takes you closer to nature and your self-being. Prior reservation and booking are mandatory here. Its Ayurveda packages incorporate the Retreat package, Corporate Package, Ayurveda Rejuvenation Package, Panchkarma, Ayush Detox, and so on. This is one place where you can reboot, rejuvenate and refresh your mind, body, and soul feeling elated from the bottom of your hearts. It is such a destination that offers a holistic healing experience. You can rest yourself in peace for as many days with a much -renewed energy and interest in living this life most wondrously.

Amongst many such Retreats in Bangalore city, Tattvam In The Hills hosts several fine activities that will boost your energy levels to the greatest heights. Boasting the latest advancement in technology and science along with manual treatments that are offered in the Resort, it comes up with the maximum benefit that you otherwise achieve on your soul level. A dedicated workforce that lives up to the expectation of its guests not only excels in their field of work but also promises great advancement in the wellness and medical tourism destination in India.

Benefits/ Reasons for you to Consider Wellness Retreats-

  1. Take a break from your old, mundane, Routine-

With your daily day-to-day routine that might turn out to be very mundane and exhausting, taking a break becomes a must thing to do. Turn your energies and your system to a better and more relaxed living. Want to spend some quality time with yourself, indulging yourself with activities that may be very pleasant for the growth of your body, mind, and soul? You must break your routine and turn around to have some relaxation that you need in your life.

How about setting yourself toward a Wellness Retreat? Try this out the next time you feel bored or tired with a routine that you are following for a long time but are unable to find a way to loosen up.  A Wellness Retreat offers a great opportunity to step back from your old routine and helps you look at life in a whole brand new and positive way.

A Wellness Retreat will compel you to leave behind your mundane lifestyle, helping you to take out some time for yourself. Help you to recuperate rest and reflect. Unlike a traditional vacation that you may have experienced, it offers a more meaningful break, helping you nurture your body, mind, and soul by making each element of your experience count. From luxury Wellness Resorts to Budget-friendly retreats, chose one that suits you more.

  1. Break your old habits-

If you are a binge-eater, an over-eater, or are lethargic, or are overindulgent during meal-time, or smoke and drink alcohol, break your old eating habits with a well-suited Wellness Retreat. The peaceful environment that it offers, with a well-planned eating schedule, will relieve you from your old eating habits. Cultivate new habits like exercising, working out, meditation, yoga, following a holistic approach towards intake of food, and so on.

Wellness or health Retreat in India lays great emphasis on breaking your mundane schedule and many of your eating habits that may be causing a hindrance in your abilities to grow from your inner self as well as your outer growth. It offers health plans and foods only that are healthy for you and keep you fit. It will help you detoxify and cleanse your body which will make you super-active and calm to attain your daily activities and life goals.

  1. Relax your Body, Mind, and Soul with Nature-

A stressful life that you are leading absorbed with technologies at work or even household work may lead you to a state where you start getting agonizing with a pressurized work environment. To attain a work-life balance, you need a mental health gateway. Here a Wellness Retreat assures you with a surrounding where you can distress your mind with, lush greenery keeping your body and mind relaxed offering many opportunities and activities to do away with stress, and releasing negativity within you. Special attention is paid to the surrounding at these Wellness Retreats as it is easier to turn to well-being and good health if the location is stress-free and peaceful.

  1. Guilt-free Food-

While your stay at a healthy food retreat,  you can relish the best of the organic, pure, natural foods and beverages.  You will be offered the choicest of the vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic menus, Sattvik food- especially in nutritious beverages and Ayurveda Retreats. You may enjoy alternate fasting, and great food combinations on a wellness retreat, or may choose light nutritional meals of the day. Guests get to choose from healthy food options like herbal drinks or organic whole-food supplements, etc. With the consumption of these nutrient- rich foods and beverages, your mind will retain its psyche, peace, and its natural state with pure clarity.  It will not only sharpen your mind but also focus better on your work goals improvising your lifestyle for better growth.

  1. Achieve a lifestyle that is healthier and more conscious –

With the numerous benefits that a Wellness Retreat has to offer you, you become more conscious about your lifestyle and start relating to healthy habits and for a simply commendable lifestyle. Meditation, Yoga, healthy retreats, healing therapies, and rejuvenating surroundings, all packaged in a single plan offer a lifestyle change within you. All your negative energies start draining out, you start focusing on your work plans and goals, you restart your life afresh, you regain a state of optimal- health,  and you start feeling peaceful, focused, and in complete control of yourself.

A Wellness Retreat can be a source of great benefit as it promotes mental, emotional, and physical well-being. You rediscover your original self, by getting involved with a new spiritual practice that inculcates a deeper sense of passion within you. It helps you address the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical issues that you may or may not be aware about. It brings out the best in you by healing you at the greatest level.  It brings you back on track by offering you a balanced, wellness-inspired lifestyle.



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