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Various Ayurvedic Retreats in Bangalore and their Prices

Various Ayurvedic Retreats in Bangalore and their Prices

Attention all stressed-out city dwellers! Are you tired of the endless traffic, noise, and pollution of Bangalore? Do you dream of escaping to a tranquil oasis where you can relax and unwind? Look no further, because we’ve got the perfect solution for you – Ayurvedic retreats in Bangalore!

Located within 100 kms of Bangalore, these resorts offer the perfect blend of relaxation and rejuvenation. And with the ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda at the heart of their offerings, you can be sure you’ll leave feeling balanced and refreshed.

Why go to an Ayurvedic retreat in Bangalore instead of somewhere else? Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medical discipline, places a strong emphasis on maintaining equilibrium and a complete state of health. And let’s be honest: who doesn’t need their life to have a bit more of a sense of equilibrium?

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In addition, the frenetic pace of new-city life makes a break at any one of these Bangalore resorts the ideal way to press the refresh button on your life. It is the much needed escape. Not to look down on the life we have at work, to be honest.

There will be occasions when you regret putting in so much effort into your job. It’s what ultimately ensures that everyone at the table has something to eat. That’s why it’s crucial that we take some time to relax so that we can keep going.

Assuring ourselves of “that time” when we will finally relax, rejuvenate, and indulge in our passions is nothing more than a kind of psychological blackmail. And with what? With all the long hours at work to provide for your basic needs and indulge in your fantasies to save money, eat well, and travel to your favourite continent one day.

So pack your bags (and maybe a yoga mat or two), and get ready to escape to some of the top ayurvedic retreats in Bangalore. Your mind and body will thank you and we hope your walled does too. 🙂

Ayurvedic Retreats in Bangalore

The city of Bangalore in India is commonly referred to as the Garden City of India, and it is home to a number of opulent Ayurvedic resorts that have a wide array of revitalising treatments and therapies.

Ayurvedagram Heritage Wellness Centre

A sumptuously appointed haven for rest, recreation, and revitalization. A broad variety of Ayurvedic treatments and therapies are offered at this facility, which can be found in the middle of Bangalore. These treatments and therapies are intended to bring the patient’s mind, body, and soul back into equilibrium.

Their skilled team of practitioners have been certified in the age-old art of Ayurveda, and in order to promote healing and wellbeing, they employ only the highest quality herbal treatments and oils. There is something there for everyone, whether you want to get rid of the stress and tension in your body or just want to treat yourself to a relaxing massage for the sake of self-care.

Treatments in Ayurvedagram Wellness Centre

Arthritis Treatment

At the Ayurvedagram Heritage Wellness Centre, their practitioners  utilise a mix of treatments to treat arthritis. These treatments may include herbal medicines, massages with heated oils, as well as counselling for nutrition and lifestyle


They we understand the importance of properly managing diabetes to avoid serious health complications. While Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder and cannot be cured, Type 2 diabetes can be managed through a healthy lifestyle.

If you have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, it’s crucial to maintain a healthy Body Mass Index and make smart choices about what and when you eat. With the right treatment plan and ongoing care, it is possible to live a normal, active life with Type 2 diabetes.

Back Pain

Their knowledgeable professionals use a variety of treatments, such as Kati Vasti and Patrapotala Sweda, to ease pain and enhance mobility. These treatments may include herbal cures, massages with warm oils, precise stretches and exercises, and more.

Infertility and Impotence

At Ayurvedagram Heritage Wellness Centre, their practitioners use a range of Ayurvedic therapies to address imbalances in the doshas and promote reproductive health. These therapies include herbal remedies, massages with warm oils, and dietary and lifestyle recommendations.


Their practitioners use a combination of Ayurvedic therapies to help alleviate the symptoms of depression and promote overall mental well-being using techniques like 1. Abyangam: traditional Ayurvedic massage that involves the use of warm oils to nourish and rejuvenate the body. 2. Shirodhara: It involves the continuous flow of warm oil over the forehead, a process that is believed to calm the mind and promote a sense of relaxation and well-being.

Price for a 3-day package start at around Rs 20,000 per person

Ayur Ashram

The next stop on our tour is the Ayur Ashram, which is located in the charming countryside just outside of Bangalore (Byadarahalli). The fact that this ayurvedic retreat has an emphasis on yoga and meditation in addition to providing conventional Ayurvedic treatments makes it an excellent option for anyone who are interested in developing a stronger connection with their inner selves.

Treatment in Ayur Ashram


The renowned five-course ayurvedic treatment flushes out impurities from the inside out, cleaning the complete body in order to bring in life and strength.


To relax the muscles and the whole body, a specially prepared medicated warm oil massage is performed all over the body.


Also known as powder massage, is a kind of massage that uses herbal powders to decrease fat and obesity while also making the body more toned and attractive.


The application or massaging of powdered herbs and ayurvedic medications that have been wrapped in cotton fabric and used to treat musculoskeletal issues such as pain and paralysis.


As part of the treatment for rejuvenation and for recovering lost memories, a medicinal oil is poured on the patient’s head in a steady, thin stream for a certain amount of time.

The cost of a package for three days begins at around Rs 15,000 per person.

Soukya International Health Centre

When you first enter Soukya, you are instantly impressed by the peaceful environment. Second, and the kind welcome that is extended to you by the personnel. The centre has state-of-the-art amenities, such as cosy guest rooms, a fitness centre that is well stocked with all of the latest equipment.

During your stay, you will have access to a diverse range of treatments and therapies. Some of which include acupuncture, ayurveda, homoeopathy, and naturopathy, amongst others. During your stay, the trained staff will work with you to create a personalised treatment plan that is based on your specific needs and goals.

In addition to the many treatments offered for the body, Soukya also provides a variety of activities and programmes that are intended to feed the mind and soul. Your stay may be made more meaningful by participating in activities such as yoga and meditation sessions, guided hikes into the surrounding landscape, and cultural programmes.

Treatment in Soukya International Wellness Centre

The philosophy that “Health is not the absence of sickness” guides the development of health programmes at SOUKYA. To check out their offerings and prices, please click on the link here.

Tattvam Retreat: In the Hills

Tattvam Sign of Wooden Board

Let’s be honest! We could all use a little more calm and serenity in our lives. It’s no surprise that Tattvam Retreat has become the go-to spot in need of relaxation and rejuvenation and some zen. If you’re looking for a place reconnect with yourself, this is it. This retreat has all you need to restore your mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Tattvam Resort is a short drive from Bangalore and a world apart from the noise and bustle of the metropolis. If you’re looking for a peaceful retreat, go no further than this resort, nestled in the lush countryside.

Is there anything special about Tattvam Resort that makes it stand out from other Bangalore hotels? Guests should expect nothing less than the finest ayurvedic care, since this is a fundamental part of their mission.

Yoga Nidra Relaxation

First up on the list of amazing services at Tattvam is Yoga Nidra Relaxation. It is a powerful relaxation technique that will have you snoozing like a baby in no time. This service is perfect for reducing stress and improve sleep. After all, we could all use a little more shut-eye.

Health Talks

Patrons can learn from experts in the field of holistic health and wellness. From proper diet to dealing with stress, these courses are packed with useful information. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want to be the healthiest and happiest version of themselves?

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Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga and Pranayama are also on the schedule at Tattvam. These practices are not just for the super flexible yogis out there. These powerful tools can help to improve flexibility, strength, and balance, as well as reduce stress and improve mental clarity. Plus, with all the added benefits, you’ll be feeling like a brand new person in no time.

Omkar Meditation

This is another standout service at Tattvam. It offers a simple yet powerful meditation technique to help calm the mind and promote inner peace. Since life could be hectic at times, this treatment is perfect to find some inner peace and quiet.


Hatkarma, Kapalbhati, and Therapeutic Yoga are all potent practises for enhancing physical and mental well-being. Engaging in these activities regularly and increase your range of motion, strength, and equilibrium. As stress level decreases, you will sharpen your focus.

Chidakash Meditation

Last but not least! they have two powerful meditation techniques: Chidakash Meditation and Trataka. They help cultivate a sense of inner stillness and clarity. These practices are perfect for you, if you are seeking to deepen their meditation practice and connect with their inner selves. Sometimes we all need a little time to just be.

Wellness Packages in Tattvam Retreat starts at Rs. 11,000 per person.


Have fun and discover cohesiveness inside yourself at Tattvam Retreat. They provide so many wonderful services, your mind, body, and soul will appreciate it. Come down and relax with us for a while.

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